We are a surplus wholesale dealer. All our parts are New Old Stock unless otherwise specified. The majority of our parts are left over merchandise from closed auto parts stores, manufacturers that are no longer in business or manufacturers overrun’s. These items, although NEW, are not always crispy clean like you would purchase from your local retailer. They may have been in storage anywhere from 1-30 years or more. Some boxes are in poor shape may not be included when shipped. We do not offer repair or installation advice. We are not mechanics. NO warranty is expressed, written, or implied. If any manufacturer warranty exists, it is between you and them.
North America Truck Parts LLC
North America Truck parts Carry a wide variety of Filters Fleetguard,Donaldson,Wix,Napa,Baldwin ,Cat, We also have in stock many parts for Sterling Trucks,Cummins,Freightliner We buy closed Truck parts stores, manufacturers that are no longer in business or manufacturers overrun’s All are parts are New or New others as you can see by the picture in the ad and they are the actual from the product listed What you see is what you get Thanks for your Business
Vintage American Piston Rings
Vintage American piston Ring Company searches the world for vintage piston ring sets to help fill the void in left todays automotive aftermarket for restoration and engine rebuilders. We are now offering our inventory and vast resources to help everyone make all of your dream engine projects come true. After we locate the product we are looking to procure for our customers, we make sure that it fits the application it is listed for and determine the condition. Upon receipt of the set it is inspected, measured, cleaned and in some cases restored as needed.  Before ordering please have YOUR PISTON(s) IN HAND. Check the bore diameter to see if it has been overbored. Many  aftermarket piston manufactures will change the ring widths and sometimes add or  delete an oil or compression ring. This is the only way to determine the correct ring set for the piston. If you are replacing your pistons, the  manufacture cantell youwhatringsareonthe sets.We do  have... More